• Mel SmithWho Am I?

    My name is Mel, I’m an Aussie girl who enjoys learning all I can about Internet Marketing and being able to replace my income by making money online.

    I’m happy to explore a variety of ideas and have been involved in trading the US forex and commodity markets, working on Affiliate and Internet Marketing ideas and also plan to look at real estate and sustainable property development!

    My goal is to help create multiple streams of income to assist underprivileged people.  After visiting Thailand and seeing more than 700 kids (some as young as 5yrs old) who have been rescued from brothels, I decided my ultimate goal is to raise awareness and funding in the future, to help stamp out modern slavery, especially child slavery in Thailand, Cambodia and beyond…

    The true loves of my life are my man Mick, family, friends, travelling, playing drums, music and animals, especially my beautiful staffy dogs, Jed and Sem!


    I hope you enjoy this blog as I continue adding my thoughts in the future, about Sean Rasmussen’s ideas and helpful tips for being a better blogger and getting paid for doing what I love!


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